• Making flowcharts
  • Interpreting JavaScript or Python and testing maked algorithms
  • Making simple programs without any big IDE
  • Easy in use and light
  • Easy sharing through pastebin
  • Simple LOGO implementation
  • Generating JavaScript and Python code
  • Structures
  • Plugin system

What is flowchart?

Flowchart is graphical method of representing algorithms. It is the best method of programming for beginners, because you don't have to know whole language syntax.

By programming in flowcharts you see what is happening. Many beginner programmers mistakes are problems with syntax and hierarchy. With graphical flowcharts you just see what do what. Moreover JavaBlock has many facilitations

How to start?

Just click HERE to run installator. You must have installed Java

You can also use applet version but it's slower.

It's recommended to install JavaBlock with addons even if you are going to use applet version because of the possibility of the use of additives like Python, or Syntax highlighting

Future of JavaBlock

At the moment I'm working over cleaning sources. In addition to flow charts will enable the program to write simple code, and create algorithms using NS (Nassi - Shneiderman) diagrams. It will be a modern IDE for programming using a mixed methods.



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