File name Description Aplet Download Image
Bezier Drawing 2d Bezier Curve using canvas2d applet jbf 1
attractor Drawing an attractor using canvas2d addon applet jbf 1
convex Drawing convex hull (Polish descriptions) applet jbf 1 2
factorization Distribution of the number to factors applet jbf 1
maze [LOGO] A turtle is moving in a maze applet jbf 1
palindromic Check if entered number is a palindromic number (ex. "12321") applet jbf 1
pi_monte Calculating PI number by Monte Carlo method applet jbf 1
sine Calculate the sine of the angle by Taylor series applet jbf 1
systems Converting numeral systems applet jbf 1

I've made these screens in Polish language, Prawda means True and Fałsz means False

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